"Once again thanks for the weekend. We had a cracking three days. Tom (our guide), be sure sure to invite us on your stag do!!! We hope to visit Prague again soon."

-Dan S  19-09-06

"The bowling darts and darts competiton was stellar - great fun! On the second day we did the river strip cruise and the scenery was fantastic. Great job."

- Greg M  15-08-06

"We had a great f*#&g time, mate. Still hurts to think about it! The boys were completely impressed with everything, which as the best man made my life so much easier....Will definitely mention praguestags.com to others".

- Lionel B 19-06-06

"(Petra) was excellent. We never would've made it off Wenceslaus Square if it weren't for her. She showed tons of pubs where the locals go and saved us loads of cash. Please send her all of our thanks".

- Andrew S. 13-06-06

"We went to the shooting on Friday afternoon and then an epic pub crawl. Don't remember much but had a brilliant time I'm sure! Goldfinger's was amazing, recommend it to all".

Tony Y. 03-05-06

"Great stuff! Well organized...really appreciated your assistance".

- Colin M. 23-09-05

"Our group had an amazing time in Prague. It probably even better than we expected. The women in Prague are phenomenal! It's not hard to see why you'd want to live there. You'll be seeing more of us (me at least!) I guarantee."

- Robert E.

"What a weekend! Cheers for all the help, it made things much easier. Both of our guides were top, Andre and Petra. Please pass on our thanks".

-Marco D.  06-07-05

Nice job all round, no delays getting picked up at the airport, no hassles along the way. The guide, Tim, very helpful and a funny bastard on top of that.  As the best man, it made my job a lot easier and I could concentrate on more important things like getting blind-drunk! The boys all had a great time and we’ll hopefully be coming back soon.  I’ll definitely be recommending you guys to others. Cheers!

-Simon L.   13-05-06

Everything went according to plan. Our guide Marketa (sp?) was excellent and nice to look at as well.  She put up with our rowdy behavior and maybe even a couple of wayward comments too. The shooting was a definite highlight for everyone.  We could never do that in England without at least 6 months training and licenses and the rest of it. Long live Prague!

-Gary S. 18-05-05

We did bobsledding on the Saturday and then bowling comp on Sunday. Both were hilarious and all the extra beer was a treat. Been back for a week and I think we’re all still feeling the effects. I know I am. All in all, a great weekend. Thanks a lot.

-Manny R. 29-05-05

Our guide Andre was perfect. Very fun and helpful and got us out of a potentially dangerous situation when one of the lads did something stupid and the club’s security wanted to literally tear him apart. Please send him my thanks for that.

-Jeff N. 29-05-05
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Nice job all round, no delays getting picked up at the airport, no hassles along the way. The guide, Tim, very... more

13-05-05 -Simon L.

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