Poker, Drinking Games, and Stag Weekends


Plenty of stag weekends include a healthy dose of poker and drinking games (among other things), as it's a pretty natural fit when you get a bunch of guys together to party hard and enjoy themselves before the big wedding event. Poker is always a popular choice and doubly so when you factor in plenty of beer and fun, with no nagging wives or girlfriends standing in the way. Online casino games may be a convenient way of enjoying poker any time of the day or night but nothing beats hanging out with buddies and slinging cards, whether at a private game or at a local casino.

If you're hanging out with friends and enjoying a private game of poker, you'll have plenty of drinking games at your disposal if you goal is to simply get drunk and have a great time. Whether your game of choice is tried and true drinking games like "Asshole", "Baseball", "Beer 99", or "Screw You Neighbor", you'll have plenty of options as far as your drinking game of choice. If you'e playing in a mixed company, co-ed game, there's also the old tried and true option of strip poker.

Playing in a casino is also a popular option for many stag weekends, especially with groups that have a little more experience at the poker tables. Most major cities that are popular stag weekend options such as Prague, Riga, and Las Vegas are also home to numerous casinos that have poker rooms, offering up the option of playing either poker cash games or tournaments during your extended stag weekend party.

One casino bonus and perk is that you can often stay at the same hotel/casino where the poker action is, as well as other casino games such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. Having quick and easy access to poker and casino action (with just a walk back to the hotel room at the end of the night) can make a fun and enjoyable evening even better, with the only concern being to enjoy yourself as much as possible.
We offer a range of newly-built or remodeled apartments conveniently located in the city-centre.
Prices for a 4-bed apartment start as low as GBP 60 per night. It's the best deal in town!

All packages include:
  • Transportation from and to the airport
  • On-Call Rep available 24 hours
  • Discount vouchers for bars and restaurants
  • +420 720 523 685

How to Book
Step 1:
Fill out our booking form with all relevant group details.
Step 2:
Choose from our list of activities.
Step 3:
Wait no more than 36 hours for booking confirmation

Nice job all round, no delays getting picked up at the airport, no hassles along the way. The guide, Tim, very... more

13-05-05 -Simon L.

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