About Prague

Population of Prague:
1,21 million inhabitants
Official language:
Czech crown (CZK) Check currency
Time zone:
Central European time zone – 1 Hour ahead of GMT
Elevation of Prague:
180 - 400m above sea level
Mild continental climate
Click here (weather.yahoo.com) to see what it’s like today in Prague
Electrical Voltage:
Voltage 230 V - 50/60 Hz (Same as UK)

Important telephone numbers :
Fire: 150
Ambulance: 155
Police: 158
City Police: 156
Road assistance: 1230

Useful Sites
Official Czech state tourism body
Prague Castle
National Gallery

Getting there and getting around:
Prague ’s airport - Ruzyne
Located 5 miles north-west of Prague
30 minute taxi ride into the centre.

For British and EU citizens, no visa is required to visa the Czech Republic. However, passports must be valid for at least 90 days beyond the date of return.

After you have booked your flight to Prague, we'll handle the rest. Check out these websites for the best deals. It takes about roughly 2 hours to fly from the UK to Prague.

British Airways
Czech Airlines
Smart Wings
Ryan Air (only to Brno)
EU Jet (from Kent only)

Always try to book as far in advance as possible. There are some great deals out there. Have a look around!

Vibrant Nightlife – Great tips

Ask anybody who visits Prague what stands out the most and the answer will invariably be the incredible nightlife at a fraction of the cost of a night out at home. As a major tourist destination, you are virtually guaranteed a party every night of the week. A buzzing atmosphere, non-existant dress-code for bars and clubs, ultra-late opening hours, beautiful women everywhere - what more could you ask for in a stag weekend?

We offer a range of newly-built or remodeled apartments conveniently located in the city-centre.
Prices for a 4-bed apartment start as low as GBP 60 per night. It's the best deal in town!

All packages include:
  • Transportation from and to the airport
  • On-Call Rep available 24 hours
  • Discount vouchers for bars and restaurants
  • +420 720 523 685

How to Book
Step 1:
Fill out our booking form with all relevant group details.
Step 2:
Choose from our list of activities.
Step 3:
Wait no more than 36 hours for booking confirmation

“Nice job all round, no delays getting picked up at the airport, no hassles along the way. The guide, Tim, very... more

13-05-05 -Simon L.

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